One Piece Manga is celebrating its 20th Anniversary with a Anime Special.

So One Piece’s manga is turning 20 next month. To celebrate the anime will have a 2 hour special in August.. The title of this special is called One Piece Episode of East Blue: The Great Adventure of Luffy and Friends. The special will reanimate the East Blue arc.

One Piece crunchyroll.jpg

                                                          (Image from Crunchyroll)

A new version of the original opening song “We Are!” will be featured in the special. Takashi Otsuka is the director of this special, Tomohiro Nakayama is writing the script (he also wrote the script for One Piece: 3D2Y so he has the experience which is great)  and Masayuki Sato is in charge of the character designs, he is also the chief animation director (This guy has worked on so many anime movies).

This special will be great for longtime fans, it will be a great trip down memory lane. I think new fans will like this as well. I can’t wait for this to air. 20 years of One Piece and I’ve only been reading and watching it for 3 years XD. What matters most is how much I enjoy the manga and sometimes the anime. I love watching the One Piece specials. The films are great too, my favourites are Strong World and Film Z. If you havent’s seen those two as a fan of One Piece, your missing out.

What do you think about this news?


What are your thoughts?

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