Bakuman Episode 5

The opening is so soothing and lovely to listen to. Beautiful voices. The song is called Kobukuro and the band that sings it is Sakanaction, a Japanese electric rock band. I found this out through a news article.  (This is for anyone who wants to know. 🙂

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Atsushi Abe -

Satoshi Hino


Akito has some talent you know. It takes talent to come up with stories they he did at the beginning of this episode. The baseball story sound interesting, I would like to see a manga kind of like that. It would probably be a great read. We get to meet Kaya, Miho’s best friend who has a crush on Akito who accidentally makes her believe he has a crush on her too.

Bakuman 18.PNG

I like to think that while Kaya was avoiding him, he gained a crush on her too which is cute. The boys need to learn to get some sleep, I know that they have a deadline to get to but it doesn’t mean they need to sacrifice their sleep for it.

But it shows how the two are dedication to their manga. Moritaka’s drawings have improved and he tried out inking is work for the first time, it was nice to see the drawings slowly stand out in the black ink. There is a little problem in this episode and that’s when Akito goes to the store to buy food, he comes back and Moritaka find out that Niizuma Eiji, their rival is ahead of them as it looks like his manga has been published. Moritaka doesn’t want to lose and suddenly decides to dump all his hard work in the bin.

Bakuman 19.PNG

I understand that he is determined not to lose but to throw away what you worked all summer to get done was silly. That could have been something to look back on down memory lane one day, it would show much he has progressed since then.

I loved the Dragon Ball fusion scene. It provided some well needed comedy for me and a break for Moritaka and Akito. They fact that the two argued about the fusion scene made the moment even better.

The camera work was well done in this episode, loved the slow zoom in on Akito hands to show that he used the ink pen and injured himself. At the end of this episode, the manuscript is done and it looks gorgeous.

Akito becomes teary eyed as he realises how hard they worked and thanks Moritaka. What a heartwarming scene, you could really hear the gratitude in Akito’s voice.

Bakuman 21.PNG

Props to Satoshi Hino (Daichi in Haikyuu) for his delivery and the emotion he projected in that scene. Moritaka’s voice actor Atsushi Abe who also voices Hinata in Kaichou wa Maid sama (loved that show) was great in this episode especially in the fusion scene, he expressed his anger well in that scene.

I also have give props to  J.C Staff animators for animating this episode, it was on point. The colours, the facial expressions and the movements was beautiful to look at while I watched this episode. The lines in the characters hair was well drawn and animated (had to pause a bit to see this.) Well done to them. The phone call at the end to Shounen Jack (Shounen Jump a famous  japanese magazine that Bakuman was published in, it also published Naruto, Bleach and currently publishes One Piece.) was great, nice to know next episode is when the manuscript is shown to an editor.

Can’t wait to take a look at next episode, didn’t see the preview so I’m going in blind.


Note: Hoped you guys liked this review and the information in it :). I’ve decided to provide more info in my reviews, that and to stop explaining each scene, break it down instead :).

What are your thoughts?

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