Top 5 Best Winter Anime of 2016

Here are the Top 5 Winter Anime that I enjoyed in 2016.

5: Nijjiro Days


This show follows four main characters, Natsuki, Keiichi, Tomoya and Tsuyoshi. This was a great anime. I was so focused on the romance in this show as it was so adorable. Out of everyone, Natsuki’s romance with Anna was my favourite it was so pure and sweet. The two characters were great. My favourite guy was Tomoya his realtionship with Mari was hilarious. It was nice to watch an anime focus on the boy’s side of romance. To hear their thoughts and discussions on girls made me like this anime and that’s why it’s at number 10. If you like romance, give this anime a try it won’t disappoint!



4: Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash


This is another trapped in a fantasy show. I thought I wasn’t going to like it because it’s so overdone but it was good. The characters in this show have to face the fact that death is a thing in this world, coming to terms with term is how these characters have to survive in this show. The problem I had with this show unfortunately was the slow pacing, every episode was so slow for me but that didn’t stop me from enjoying this show. The fight scenes were beautiful and the animation was lovely to look at.


3: Konsuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!


Kazuma tries to save a girl from being run over but he dies and enters the afterlife. Somehow Kazuma decides to choose a fantasy world to live and takes the goddess, Aqua who saved his life with him. The comedy in this show was brilliant. I’m not normally a fan of fantasy anime but this one was great. Aqua is quite the character, she isn’t a smart character and that what made her interactions with Kazuma and other characters great. Kazuma is the straight man in this situation like Shinpachi from Gintama. His reactions to different situations was funny. I have to watch this show again as it was good.


2: Erased



Erased was another good one. It’s about Satoru Fujinuma a guy who has the power to rewind time for a few minutes. He ends up going back to the time when he was a 10-year-old boy. To prevent disasters from happening is what his ability is. This show was a great mix of mystery and supernatural, Satoru himself was a great character. His interactions with his classmates in the past was interesting as he had to hide the fact that he is actually a 29-year-old inside his 10 year old body. Satoru’s mum was a brillaint supporting character, I wish she had more screentime. Watch this show if you get the change. You might be able to see how great it is.

1: Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinji


This was actually a Josei and I didn’t even know. The Rakugo stories were my favourite parts of this show. They were five minutes long and they showcased fine performances from different people. One man takes on many different roles and tells a story while he uses an object as many different props.The animation was lovely to look at and the voice acting was brilliant.  This show was unique and now has a special place in my heart because it was so different. This show balanced life, love and the art of Rakugo in a beautiful way. There need to be more shows like this.


Let me know what your favourite Winter Anime of 2016 was in the comment section below.

One Piece Manga is celebrating its 20th Anniversary with a Anime Special.

So One Piece’s manga is turning 20 next month. To celebrate the anime will have a 2 hour special in August.. The title of this special is called One Piece Episode of East Blue: The Great Adventure of Luffy and Friends. The special will reanimate the East Blue arc.

One Piece crunchyroll.jpg

                                                          (Image from Crunchyroll)

A new version of the original opening song “We Are!” will be featured in the special. Takashi Otsuka is the director of this special, Tomohiro Nakayama is writing the script (he also wrote the script for One Piece: 3D2Y so he has the experience which is great)  and Masayuki Sato is in charge of the character designs, he is also the chief animation director (This guy has worked on so many anime movies).

This special will be great for longtime fans, it will be a great trip down memory lane. I think new fans will like this as well. I can’t wait for this to air. 20 years of One Piece and I’ve only been reading and watching it for 3 years XD. What matters most is how much I enjoy the manga and sometimes the anime. I love watching the One Piece specials. The films are great too, my favourites are Strong World and Film Z. If you havent’s seen those two as a fan of One Piece, your missing out.

What do you think about this news?


Director of Live-Action Death Note reveals Ryuk Poster.

Adam Wingard revealed on twitter a poster for the live action film which shows the Shinigami, Ryuk who is voiced by Willem Dafoe. I think Willem Dafoe will make a perfect Ryuk, he definitely has the voice for it. The Death Note film will be streamed by Netflix on August 25.


Look at how awesome this poster looks! Sure Ryuk, looks different but I’m pretty sure he will act exactly like he did in the anime so it should be fine. I think. I’m not sure if I’ll watch this live action of Death Note as if feel there are too many problems with it.

When the film was first announced I honestly was excited but when the teaser trailer dropped, that excitement disappeared so fast. Even though I’m not as interested in this live-action film as I was before, I still hope it sticks to some of the source material but live-actions usually find their own path and that’s normally a bad thing.

What do you think of this poster?

You can watch the teaser trailer here if you haven’t already. 

Preview for the next week’s Boruto episode has been released.

So the Boruto anime has been going on for a while now, since April. The name of the preview for Boruto is called “The Path that Boruto Can See” and in it you can see that Boruto has come face to face with the person who has been behind the recent attacks in the village. The clip may be short, but I found it to be interesting once I read the dialogue. It does remind me of when Naruto spoke to Obito in the fourth Shinobi war in Naruto Shippuden. 

boruto 2.PNG

The Boruto anime hasn’t really grasped me yet, not like Naruto did near the start of that show. I’m hoping this fight will be good, I’ve been feeling like the Boruto anime has been rather slow. I know it’s setup but in some of the episodes, I would like to have seen things speed up. The next episode might just be what I want to see in this anime.

What do you currently think of the Boruto anime? Let me know below.