Bakuman Episode 4

There was so much information in this episode. I feel like my head started to hurt at the end. XD

So we see Moritaka drawing something. He’s using a G-pen. Moritaka’s uncle used Kabura pen’s but only because he drew gag manga, he could get away with it. Most pro’s use G-pens because they let you control the strength of the lines, it brings out the atmosphere in the drawings. Kabura pen’s get them name because the pen looks like a Turnip. So Moritaka spent all night drawing and ends up looking exhausted in the morning.

When he and Akito are in his Uncle’s office, we get to see his drawings and they are amazing but Moritaka isn’t satisfied even though Akito praises him. I think it’s great that Moritaka is so dedicated to getting a manga at 18. But he needs to realise that he has to have a life outside manga otherwise he’ll end up burning out. We all need a balance in life.

Bakuman 14.PNG

He should think about how unrealistic his goal is. To get an anime by 18 when he’s 14 is kind of silly.  I know that Mangaka’s work long hours with barely any breaks. I also know that it takes years for a Mangaka to get noticed. A new one that is. I just think that Moritaka should slow down, he shouldn’t be rushing. Take your time and enjoy the work you put out.

When Moritaka and Akito stop by the supermarket they discover that the semi- finalist prize winner for the Tezuka Award in a manga magazine is a 15-year-old. The kid’s name is Niizuma Eiji and this bothers Moritaka which is to be expected. This kid is only being praised by the judges because of his art, Akito thinks that he and Moritaka can surpass the kid because of it.

Bakuman 15.PNG

We’ll let them think they can surpass him, they’ll realise that this is going to be a lot harder than they think. Just because this kid is only being judged on his art, doesn’t mean everything else isn’t good. Maybe they judges didn’t mention the story because they want readers to be surprised. That’s what I think anyway.

Akito asks Moritaka if he wants to get an editor. Moritaka agrees and the two decide they will finish a manuscript by summer and bring it to Jack magazine. Well you’ve got to start somewhere. Best to get some advice from an editor that way they can work on their skills. The two decide to go to the studio and get started but run into Azuki and her family. Azuki is with her little sister and her mum, Moritaka is too shy to talk to her.

Bakuman 16.PNG

Both characters decide to hide instead, Moritaka hides behind Akito and Azuki hides behind her mum. This scene was cute as they both blushed while they were hiding.It thought it was so cute when Moritaka turned around to look at Azuki to discover that she had turned around to look at him as well. Adorable scene. 🙂 So we get a small scene with Nizuma Eiji and to me it looks like he’s kind of crazy. I have to say  for a 15-year-old, he’s got a lot of work done.

I loved this episode, the music was great, Akito and Moritaka’s relationship was lovely and the animation was nice. It was great to see listen to Moritaka talk about how he never though of his time as being so precious. Now he has something he loves doing already and likes to spend his time on it. This episode really spoke to me and reminded me about how I feel about this blog. There are no shortcuts to anything, you have to take long way round but it’s worth it in the end. 🙂

Bakuman 17.PNG


What are your thoughts?

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