Plastic Memories Episode 3

Tsukasa was so desperate in this episode. His antics were funny the first two times but it got old and I no longer found it that funny. Same with Michiru. Great to see what Isla was worrying about in this episode.

So Tsukasa tries his best to impress Isla in episode. You see, he’s living with her in a dorm because the two of them are partners, the other characters do this as well. Isla doesn’t respond to Tsukasa at all while the two are up at the dorm. So Tsukasa ends up taking different advice from his male co-workers.


He takes Constance’s advice who tells him that men should be gentlemen to ladies, he says this because Isla trips a lot so he should look out for her. Isla clothes are on the floor in the dorm and as Isla is walking towards them, Tsukasa tries to get in the way before she falls, which results in Isla clothes ending up on his head and arm.

Michiru opens the door because of the noise he made and sees Tsukusa with Isla’s clothes. Michiru’s is a scary person its way more apparent in this episode in case anyone didn’t notice in last week’s episode.


Tsukasa even dress as a maid to get her attention. That didn’t work either. He even gets told to shove Isla down by force but make it look like an accident and he does but Michiru see him on top of Isla and we see her scary face again.


So Tsukasa asks Isla to go to the amusement park and while they’re there Tsukasa mentions that he brought Isla to the amusement park so they can make memories together. It wasn’t until this point in the episode did I realise that Isla been avoiding Tsukasa because she hasn’t got a lot of time left to live, she doesn’t want to end up hurting Tsukasa.

It’s interesting that she’s worrying about this, but personally If I haven’t got long to life you bet I would be filling every moment of my remaining life with happy memories of my family and friends.

Isla may be scared of dying but I believe that’s the best way to go in my opinion, living life to the fullest. This was a lovely and funny episode, I’m glad we found out why Isla was acting the way she was. She never got close to anyone because she was scared that when her time was up, she would leave that person alone.


I know this anime will have a sad end but it’s the journey that these characters will go on is what will make this anime worthwhile. I really wasn’t expecting Michiru to burst into the room every time Tsukasa made a mistake. Michiru’s concern for Isla all stemmed from catching Tsukasa reading Isla’s diary earlier in the episode. Maybe next time Tsukasa should read that in private, just a thought.

The animation wa great in this episode and so was the music was great. I love the track that plays at the end when Tsukasa and Isla are having tea in their dorm. I was half expecting Michiru to burst in for no reason just for laughs. I really was waiting for her to come in and nag Tsukasa. I wonder what her face would be like if she just saw them having tea all innocent like?


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