Re:Creators Episode 2

The opening theme song is great although I’m a bit annoyed that some future characters have been spoiled. They could have included them but in silhouette form or kept them in the shadows.

In this episode, Souta agrees to help Celestia find her creator. Celestia  is a bit annoyed when they meet Mr Matsubara she was expecting her creator to be someone she can see herself having a conversation with. She expected him her creator to be a god. Magical Girl Mamika shows up and tries to negotiate with Celestia which doesn’t work and the two girls start to fight.

Mamika releases a powerful attack which knocks Celestia to the ground. It’s clear that because Celestia is without with her mech, she can’t match up to Mamika’s power. Mamika is surprised when her power causes Celestia to be injured and her herself to bleed. It was interesting to her sudden confidence turn to fear as she realised in this world, people bleed blood.


It’s different from where she’s from because she’s from a magical girl world where it’s all sunshine and rainbows. No one bleeds in that world. If only she was from Madoka Magica’s world, things would have taken a dark turn. *slowly smiles*

Another person from another world shows up and his name is Mirokuji Yuya, according to Souta he’s from a game called Exclusive Underground. Not only was he the final boss but he’s also the main characters rival. It’s only episode 2 and things have taken an interesting turn as Mirokuji has shown up and he’s clearly stronger than both Celestia and Mamika.


Ok so the problem I had with this episode was the exposition they decided to dump on us for about half of this episode. I felt like the exposition made the pacing of this episode suffer a lot as the fight between Celestia and Mamika ended too quickly.

It felt like it had only just started and then it was cut off by Mirokuji’s appearance. Mirokuji’s sudden appearance was clearly rushed in my eyes and that bothered me.

Here is a cool character that’s arrived on the scene and we get to hear Souta explain who he is. Shouldn’t he have introduced himself? I mean all he said was that I’m strong and asked Celestia if she was all right and acted all evil. I wish that Souta didn’t explain anything at all, Celestia, Meteora and Mamika all got to introduce themselves at least a little bit right?


I just hope when we’re introduced to the other characters in this anime, we get to see them introduce themselves. I mean there’s no rush we have 20 episodes left. Plenty of enough time to get to know these characters.

Also I want the fights to be a bit longer. I find the concept of this anime interesting as I don’t think it’s been done before. I want it to stay that the way it is, I want to get invested in these characters, make me care about them.

I would to say one more thing before I end this review, I loved the sound of Mamika’s magic. The popping sound as she realised her power was great to hear. The sound as well as her outfit fit her character design well.


What are your thoughts?

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