Plastic Memories Episode 2

I don’t like Michiru at all. Tsundere’s always bother me. She may look nice and cute in the image above but trust me she’s not nice.

Michiru and Isla have a chat in this episode. Michiru approaches her and asks if teaming up with Tsukasa is hard for Isla and tells her she doesn’t have to worry about hurting Tsukasa’s feelings just because he’s a newbie. The problem I have with Michiru is that she seems to believe that Isla can do no wrong on her missions.

She thinks Tsukasa is always to blame when that’s clearly not the case. Tsukasa is working hard just as much as Isla is. Isla is the one making mistakes but Michiru instantly believes that it’s all Tsukasa’s fault that he’s the one failing the missions. It annoys me and I want Michiru to realise that it’s not his fault.

Isla tells Michiru that she’s the one dragging him down. Michiru responds to that in the typical Tsundere way. By shouting about  him giving her fake reports and being all dramatic about this, she’s clearly trying to hide the fact that she messed up. But she’s a Tsundere, she won’t admit it to anyone especially not Tsukasa.


So Michiru find out that Tsukasa has been asking for advice, on how to talk to the owners of Giftias. Michiru tells Tsukasa that the most important thing to understand the feelings of both the Giftia and its owner. Tsukasa thanks her for the advice and she and Zack leave for a job. Before she leaves she apologizes to Tsukasa as she has said some mean things to Tsukasa.


She actually apologizes which I did not expect. Maybe she’s not as bad as I made her to be. Michiru apologizing took some guts, for her character anyway. It was nice to see from a Tsundere character, they don’t usually apologize for bothering the main character.


Tsukasa and Isla are getting closer and it shows when they go back to the mechanic’s place, they failed to talk to the owner last time but were successful this time around. I wonder what next episode will be about. More Tsukasa and Isla bonding time maybe? I’m ok with that if it is just that. I like that Tsukasa stepped up in this episode and Isla realized she is the issue.

That moment between the two characters at the end and what they said. That’s really sad and I’m glad it was said straight away, instead of getting to maybe episode 6 with no information on Isla. Good Episode, I like this anime.

2 thoughts on “Plastic Memories Episode 2

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