Bakuman Season 1 Episode 2

Moritaka and Akito’s relationship. It’s going to be a fun and interesting one. Love the way Akito laughs at Moritaka when they’re in the nurse’s office XD. It’s the way he suddenly laughed which made me laugh I had to replay over and over again.

Moritaka and Akito are having a conversation on the roof of the school. Akito talks about Azuki and how she’s cute but doesn’t stands out, she’s behaves with grace because she’s doing it without thinking.

Akito believes that Azuki’s charm comes from her good family and wealth of spirit. Moritaka mention how Akito is praising Azuki a lot to which he says he is praising her but Moritaka isn’t getting jealous because he’s smart.

Bakuman 5.PNG

Akito goes on to talk about how some people are lucky and some are not. From the moment we’re born there are different things that makes people different. The stupid ones who dream, but are smart enough not to get lost in their dreams, are the ones who can get to the top.

Moritaka is surprised at Akito’s words and this prompts him to finally decide to team up with Akito. It’s because Akito and Moritaka’s way of thinking is similar according to Moritaka, a story created by Akito would be interesting to Moritaka.

Moritaka has one more hurdle to overcome. Telling his parents, he’s going to become a mangaka. He talks to his mum about becoming a mangaka and she says no. She says his dad will not allow it also. Moritaka tells his mum he’ll go to high school and college if he gets to college and the manga is going nowhere he’ll quit.

Bakuman 6.PNG

His mum believes he’s just going to settle for any old school or college and just spend his time drawing manga. His mum says no again and gets up and leaves, Morikata begs his mum to talk to his dad about it.

I liked this scene, his mum is a sensible parent. Normally with parents in anime, they’re either non-existent or they let their kids do whatever they want. I’m glad that Moritaka’s mum sat down with him and listened to him, sure it was after she said no, but she still listened to him.

So Moritaka waits for his dad to come home but while he waits he looks through an old box in his room and finds his uncle’s manga, he initially got the box out to pass the time, but as he read one manga he read another until the box was empty, this scene was great, it was lovely to see Moritaka find his love for manga again by reading his uncle’s manga.

Bakuman 7.PNG

Moritaka’s dad agrees to let him do it. His mum says he should talk to his grandpa about becoming a mangaka since it was his grandpa who lost his son to overworking. His grandpa agrees and gives him the keys to his Uncle’s old room which hasn’t been touched since he died.

Moritaka is allowed to go to his Uncle’s manga room and rushes off. We get to hear Moritaka’s grandpa talk to his mum and he says that he was worried Moritaka was going to be a failure but is glad that he’s changed. The episode ends with Moritaka calling Akito and telling him he has his parent permission and is going to his Uncle’s studio straight away.

Bakuman 8.PNG

Great episode, Moritaka and Akito’s talk was interesting, it looks like they will have a nice relationship. Moritaka finding his love for manga again after he read his Uncle’s manga was kind of emotional.

It was because it felt like Moritaka was stumbling around in the dark not knowing what to do with his life. Thanks to Akito and his Uncle’s manga, he was able to find the passion and motivation he was missing to move forward with his dream.

I’m guessing next episode will have Moritaka and Akito come up with a name and story for their manga.

What are your thoughts?

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