Re:Creators Episode 1

The usual clichés I was expecting to see in this anime didn’t show up. It made this first episode enjoyable because of it.

Mizushino Souta is watching a popular anime on this tablet, when he suddenly gets transported to the world. There is a fight going on in this world between Celistia Yupitilia who is fighting an unknown enemy. Who is Celestia?.

She is the popular anime character that Souta was watching on his tablet before he was transported. Celestia is losing the fight with her enemy and notices Souta, she tries to get him out the way but their suddenly transported back to earth.


Now I love this. They could have easily made this a cliché. You know, when the Male MC gets transported to a fantasy world and somehow becomes a hero? They didn’t do that and it was great to see. We get to see how Celestia adapts to Earth.

One thing I noticed was that neither Souta or Celestia had anything to say once Souta explained she was an anime character. No, it’s not that they had nothing to say, but just didn’t where to go from Souta’s explanation. I feels like Celestia is aware that she’s an anime character, a fictional character and she knows now that Souta has no idea what’s going on.

Somehow her enemy suddenly appears on Earth, and I get the feeling from the way she talks, that she is aware of what’s going on. She know far more than Celestia which will make things interesting.


There is a great anime already, I love how Souta and Celestia were able to adjust to the situation. Neither are aware of what’s going on and we can see this through their facial expressions and the way they talk to each other.

Personally I think both characters are already a breath of fresh air. They’re clearly didn’t from the usual Male MC who don’t understand anything, they try to become the hero without fully trying to understand the world their in.

They don’t get to know they history of the world or the people. Male MC’s usually talk a lot and we get to hear about the world through a lot of boring dialogue, but Souta doesn’t do that he does talk but most of the time it’s to react to what’s going on around him. I mean that’s expected of him right?.

The anime character he watches on his tablet and her enemy are fighting not too far from him, how would you react to that?. It was great to see his reaction to these fictional character through his eyes.


Celestia is great too, she’s adapting to the world while fighting her enemy, looking at people and driving cars. She doesn’t scream or complain about what kind of world she’s in. She shows us in this anime that she’s adapting to Earth, through her facial expressions and actions.


Great show, I look forward to reviewing the next episode. If you haven’t seen this yet, watch it, you might be surprised as I was.

What are your thoughts?

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