Bakuman Season 1 Episode 1

This is a good first episode. The story is really interesting. (Spoilers for Episode 1)

Moritaka Mashiro is our main character in this anime. One day he leaves his notebook at school. In that notebook is a drawing of his crush, Azuki Miho. He walks into his classroom and sees Akito Takagi holding his notebook. Akito will only give the notebook back if Moritaka becomes a manga artist. Akito wants to become a mangaka and needs an artist to do it.

This conversation in the classroom between the too was great. Akito has a lot of passion and desperately tries to convince Moritaka to become a manga artist as he believes he has potential after seeing Moritaka’s drawing of Azuki.

Bakuman 2

This is the reason why I like Akito already because of his passion when he talks about becoming a mangaka. Moritaka is kind of interesting as he has no goals and doesn’t know what he wants for the future. He’s quite the doubtful character which makes sense regarding his back story which is sad.

Later in the episode Akito tells Moritaka he’s going to confess to Azuki which shocks Moritaka although he also doubts Akito’s words. He still goes to meet him and they end up at Azuki’s house. She comes out and we along with Moritaka find out she wants to be a voice actress. Now Moritaka still hasn’t made his decision about becoming a manga artist but when he hears about Azuki’s dream, he immediately tells her that he’s becoming a manga artist and when they make it to the top, she should star in their anime.

Bakuman 3.PNG

She agrees and while she stares at Moritaka, he asks her to marry him which shocks everyone.

This was surprising as Moritaka could have left Azuki with the idea that she would star in his anime one day, but he had to say it out loud because he was thinking of his uncle’s story of his first love. It made for a funny moment as Akito asks why he did that, while Moritaka asks the same thing. Azuki is so shocked she runs inside, I would have too. But she agrees to marry him and tells him this through her house buzzer.

She tells him that when they achieve their dreams, they can get married. But for now they can’t see each other until then, they will only mail each other as a form of contact. Moritaka agrees and that’s the end of that scene.

Bakuman 4.PNG


I’ve got to say, I’m not sure of this, it’s pretty unrealistic. It seems very childish of the two of them as they should know that love is complicated, . What if they fall for someone else or one of them fails to achieve their dreams? Voicing acting and becoming a manga artist are no joke.

It could take years for the two to even get a job offer or get published in a manga magazine. Don’t get me wrong, the scene was cute but silly.  I hope they get to realise that it’s childish at some point, I want them to achieve their dreams, but notice that Moritaka’s confession was unrealistic.

That being said, this was a well written introduction with beautiful animation and likable characters. I look for forward to my next review of this anime.




2 thoughts on “Bakuman Season 1 Episode 1

  1. Karandi says:

    The promise might be childish and silly (and it is certainly unrealistic) but these characters are deadly serious about it.
    I really enjoy Bakuman even if I do have some issues with the way females are treated for the majority of it and at times the main characters are a bit hard to take seriously. Mostly it is entertaining and I enjoy watching their struggle to succeed.

    Liked by 1 person

    • naomiblog says:

      Yeah that’s very true. I though about it after I put the review up and realised that they are 14 year old teens.

      Teens make mistakes but thinking about it, this isn’t one. I hope they talk about their promise in the email’s they’ll probably send to each other.

      Or I would to see both of their thoughts on their promise just to see what they think about it.

      I look forward to reviewing the next episode to see how things go from here.

      Liked by 1 person

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