Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 4

Eren’s learning and changing slowly. It was lovely to see. (Spoiler for Episode 4)

About 10 minutes into this episode, we see Jean talking to a trainee whose name is Marco.  Marco talks about how he want to join the Military Police and work near the King as he feels there’s no higher honour. Jeans tells Marco to tell the truth that he really wants to join so that he can live a comfortable life in the Inner District.

Attack 39.PNG

Eren interrupts and tells Jean that five years ago, the place they’re living in right now was part of the interior. Jeans asks Eren what his point is and Eren responds and says that Jean is a simpleton and because of that, he would be comfortable anywhere which angers Jean as everyone else laughs at him.

Eren believes it’s crazy that people are learning how to kill titans just to run away from them. Jean mentions that this farce should be kept going for his sake which prompts Eren to stand up and grab Jean’s shirt. Mikasa stands up and tells Eren to stop while she puts Eren’s hand down and holds it for a second.

At this point Jean is so pissed. One because Eren embarrassed him and two because Mikasa the girl he likes, attention is on Eren after Jean tried so hard to impress her earlier. I don’t know how he thought that would work by boasting about the Military Police. *rolls eyes*

He grabs Eren all of sudden, so sudden that I thought it was hilarious!. Jean screams at Eren and tells him that he’s Jealous while Eren screaming at him mind you, asks what is he talking about.

Attack 40.PNG


Now this is my favourite moment in this episode, Eren stops and looks around and realises he’s being watched by Reiner and Annie. I liked that Eren realised here that Jean was blowing of steam just like he did in the past. Eren decides that he will use his skills in this situation. And what does he do? Why he uses the same move that Annie pulled on him earlier in the episode, she’s watching and she’s surprised.

Attack 41.PNG

Everyone in the cabin is surprised, I’m yelling Yes Eren! and Jean is asking Eren why did he do that for? Come on Jean… it’s obvious why he did it. Eren tells him this was a move that he learned while Jean was slacking off. Eren goes on to say this and It’s great that he said this. He says that if Jean thinks reality is just living comfortably and following your his own whims, then can he seriously call himself a soldier?. Eren is growing my friends! Eren is growing.



While Eren, Mikasa and Armin are watching the Recon Corps pass by about four minutes from the end of the episode, they come across Hannes and he comments on how the main trio graduated yesterday. He also mentions how he’s sorry he couldn’t save Eren’s mum to which Eren say it’s not his fault.

Eren also says that he’s no longer ignorant and he won’t let that sort of tragedy happen again. Hannes is surprised I was too. I mean I knew that Eren wasn’t going to lash out but I wasn’t expecting him to say he’s no longer ignorant. It’s nice see that Eren has grown a little bit and marching forward with his head held high.

Eren in the last scene on the wall with his fellow graduates cleaning the cannons and he is talking about how mankind is finally regaining their dignity after five years. He’s confident they can win because it’s time for mankind’s counterattack. I laughed a lot at this scene and I shouldn’t have because it’s a serious moment for the graduates.

Attack 42.PNG

But you got to agree with me, the confident look on Eren’s face while he’s talking about mankind’s counterattack plus the beautiful violins playing in the background. They stop. What happened? The Colossal Titan appears all of a sudden and their not ready. You tell their not ready because of the steam, they’ve been pushed off the wall. Eren and the graduates use their 3DMG to hang on to the wall. This is where things get intense.

Attack 43.PNG

The gate has a giant gaping hole in it and Eren freezes, knowing that the titans will get in again. He’s frozen because he’s scared but he realises this is it. This is my time to get one of them. Starting with red himself at the top. This is what I love about Eren, he freezes then kicks into high gear.

Eren shouts to the graduates and shouts to them to ready the artillery!, prepare for battle! Eren swing up to the top and lands on the wall, he faces the titan and while both are looking at each other, Eren says “Hello there, it’s been five years”. And that’s where it ends. What happens next episode?, I know what happens but I won’t spoil.

Until next time!




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