Anohana Episode 2

Good Episode, I like Jintan’s face XD.

In this episode Anaru and Tsurumi (the girl with Yukiatsu last episode), interact and what they say is interesting. Anaru mentions how Tsurumi has become stuck up while Tsurumi says that Anaru used to imitate Menma. I wonder what she meant by that. Now this was interesting as we get to see Anaru’s reaction to this,she lashes out in anger at Tsurumi. While they are arguing, Menma tries to stop them but can’t since they can’t see her.

Anohana 13.PNG

Tsurumi is about to leave but says one more thing, Anaru is hopeless just like Yukiatsu. Now that comment stung Anaru and we get her regrets. Anaru flashbacks to the day she asked Jintan if he loved Menma. Anaru wishes she had never said anything, if she hadn’t she believes Menma would still be alive. This is sad, I hope all of these teens realise that what happened to Menma wasn’t their fault. They had not hand in it at all.

Later in the episode, we see Anaru and she is reminiscing about the past again. We find out that she was envious of Menma’s silver as she hated her curls. We also find out that she loved Menma but also hated her as she had Jintan’s attention.

This was a good scene. We find out why Anaru imitated Menma and it’s all down to Jealousy. It would be nice to see her accept the fact that Jintan will always love Menma and move on. But she didn’t, she secretly stayed in the past while putting on this popular girl image.


Anohana 14.PNG

Jintan, Menma and Poppo go to Anaru’s house as they want to be able to grant Menma’s wish which is to get a rare fictional creature in a video game, according to Yukiatsu but Poppo says it was him earlier in this episode. This scene was awesome. We see Jintan, Anaru and Poppo playing games just like they used to.

It was really nice to see Jintan and Anaru relax and play games together. Menma even comments on this, saying that Anaru hasn’t changed at all when it comes to playing games and reading manga. It was lovely to see Menma get all nostalgic about the scene. Don’t mind me just thing of my childhood again. *sniffs*

There’s a quick cut to Yukiatsu who opens his wardrobe and sniffs something…. it looks like Menma’s dress if you look properly. Yeah… I don’t know what going on there, we’ll probably find out what happens next episode.

The final scene I want to talk about is between Jintan and Anaru, they get the creature that Menma wished for and so ecstatic that they high-five! It was so cute how they acted like nothing happened, made me laugh. It shows how relaxed they were and so happy  after spending hours on the game that they weren’t thinking at all, that’s what made this scene great.

Anaru asks Jintan if he could come back to school to pay Anaru back for doing him this favour. I think all this time, Anaru always cared about Jintan but her pride got in the way of showing it. I like Anaru she’s a good character and I want her to be more involved with Jintan and Poppo. Scene’s like this one really show the characters off well.

Anohana 15.PNG

One more comment from me to end this review: I love how the camera slowly zooms in on the cable connecting Jintan and Anaru’s games, it symbolises the two reconnecting again. It was a very nice touch. Can’t wait to the see what happens next episode. Especially Yukiatsu..

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Note: Just to let you all know, I’ve decided to write shorter reviews. I’ve realised that I don’t need to explain every scene XD.

What are your thoughts?

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