Bunny Drop Anime Review

A lovely slice of life anime with a beautiful art style. I really enjoyed this one 😀 (minor spoilers)


The story is about 36-year-old Daikichi who one day returns home after his grandfather’s funeral and discovers a little girl called Rin who is his grandfather’s illegitimate child. As none of his relatives want to adopt because of their embarrassment. Dakichi takes Rin into his home. The problem with this is Daikichi is a bachelor, who has not experience with kids. This story follows how Daikichi’s life changes looking after a 6-year-old girl.


Daikichi Kawachi

Bunny Hop 21

Daikichi was a hard worker who really took care of Rin. Throughout the show, he would ask his co-workers for advice on how to raise Rin. You could see that he was insecure as he always worried about how he raising Rin. He always tried his best to make Rin happy. As soon a Rin came into his life, he quit smoking guess to show that he was serious about setting a good example to Rin.

It was interesting to see him struggle with interacting with Rin. I think he was a character who really didn’t think about the issues and complications, looking after a child would bring. This show really highlighted the problems single parents go through. Through Dakichi, we get to see the issues of raising a child up close.


Rin Kaga

Rin was a shy little girl who was cold to Dakichi at first. As the show continued, you could see that we very childish, mischievous and kind girl. It was really great to see her personality shine through. At times Rin wanted to handle her own issues, be independent as she didn’t want come across as a burden to Dakichi. This shows that she was a thoughtful character, putting Dakichi first even though he’s supposed to look out for her.

Bunny Hop 37.PNG

As she lived with Dakichi, she found her love of cooking and she enjoys it so much that she likes to cook for Dakichi at times. It was really nice to see their interactions with each other and issues that both characters faced. She was an adorable character in everything she did. Although mature for her age, Rin kept that childlike innocence that we expect from a child her age. Despite the hardships she suffered, she only focused on her life with Dakichi. She was a great character and it was fun to see her happy and sad moments play out on-screen.




When Dakichi decides to take care of Rin, we see their relationship develop. Rin enjoys her time with Dakichi but likes to handle her issues by herself sometimes. We see Dakichi struggle at first with balancing work and Rin at the same time, but he gets a job transfer and this allows him to spend more time with Rin. I loved their relationship, not many shows tackle the issues single parent’s go through.



This is the first show that I’ve watched that tackles single parent complications when raising a child, so maybe I’m being a bit to easygoing on this. This anime showed Dakichi feeding rin, taking her to school and overall spending time with her. My only gripe with their relationship was that their was not a lot of conflict between them.

They could have shown Rin in school, struggling to study or when she shops with Dakichi she throws a tantrum about the clothes he buys her. Throwing a tantrum is a typical thing of a child her age and it would have been nice to see Dakichi struggle to set her straight. Their relationship was believable I’ll give them that, but their dynamic could have been stronger.

Art Style

The art style was lovely. It reminded me of a colouring book. The light pastel colour’s used in some scenes was beautiful. It fit the story so well.




This was a heartwarming story filled with realistic characters. The issues that arose in this show were handled well, although in my opinion it felt to easy to handle the problems. Rin was an adorable character who acted like a child should. Her interactions with Daikichi and other characters was great.

Dakichi was a splendid character who showed the difficulties in raising a child. He tackled it well and was a great parent figure to Rin. I loved that he asked for advice from his characters because it showed he was just an ordinary guy with no clue in raising a child. Instead of wondering what to do, he addressed the problem straight on (sometimes…)

This anime was a heartwarming and charming anime that I’m glad I watched. I recommend you guys give this anime a chance because it really was a beautiful in developing their characters and story :).

Let me know what you think below! 🙂


Bunny Hop 38.PNG

Title: Bunny Drop

Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life

Episodes: 12

Released Date: July 8, 2011 – September 16, 2011

Director: Kamei Kanta

Animated: Production I.G















2 thoughts on “Bunny Drop Anime Review

  1. Karandi says:

    For a slice of life anime with a young kid as one of the main characters, I was surprised to find myself really enjoying this series. There were definitely some slow moments where I wondered why I was watching, but it had so much heart in the story I really couldn’t stop.
    Thanks for sharing.


    • naomia453 says:

      It was amazing. I loved Daikichi and Rin’s relationship. Both characters were very realistic. The art was beautiful to look at.

      It makes me wish that more slice of life anime had this colouring book style to it. I wish there was a second season. My review of it would be up so fast! XD

      Thanks again for commenting! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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